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The Walk


This is a really long walk. The kind of walk that gives a fantastic feeling of getting lost, at least in the head. The kind of walk that opens the senses in a really slow way.

The series of drawings is made on two very different kinds of paper. The large ones on the classic Steinbach of 1m by 1m40, the small ones on ribbed snow-white paper. 

Most of them were shown at the group exhibition RAL7021 at Zwart Wild, Gent.

IMG_7739 (2)
IMG_7731 (2)
IMG_7735 (2)
IMG_7722 (2)
IMG_7729 (2)
IMG_7727 (2)
IMG_7737 (2)
IMG_8114 (2)
Postkaart zwart wild 145 (2)
IMG_8054 (2)
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